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News & Events 2021
Licencing of The Revd Stuart Gray On Sunday 9th May, Bishop Ian licenced The Revd Stuart Gray as Assistant Priest for St Peter’s with St Mary & St Leonard, Kinhorn.
Sea Sunday On Sunday 29th August, we celebrated Sea Sunday with guest preacher, the Revd Tim Tunley who is Chaplain to the Mission to Seafarers Scotland. During the service he was presented with assorted hats which had been knitted with love by members of the congregation in gratitude for the work done by the seafarers of all nationalities.
Special Birthday On Sunday 5th September, the congregation helped Christine celebrate a significant birthday. Lay Rep Shirley, on behalf of the congregation, presented Christine with a gift and card and then we all enjoyed a piece of delicious birthday cake in the courtyard. Bubbles of course joined in.
Craft Group The Craft Group resumed on Monday 6th September. In attendance were 6 ladies for our 2 hour session. To comply with current regulations, the ladies sat diagonally from each other at the long tables and each was issued with their individual equipment for the day ie sellotape dispensers, double-sided tape and hand sanitiser. We statrted off our creative morning with Iris Folding, a method of paper folding where an aperture is covered in different coloured or patterned paper to make cards. The results were truly amazing and each lady was able to complete 2 cards (see photographs) During the session the group were served with tea and coffee along with cake and biscuits by our own tea-boy. Next week it’s pebble painting, where the group will decorate stones with various designs, animals, scenes etc. The following week we will start to create felted pictures of the 4 seasons which will last until this group of dates ends.
The Craft Group on Monday 13th September was well attended with 8 ladies. Once again everything was in place to comply with COVID restrictions. This week’s project was pebble/stone painting, a selection of felt pens and acrylic paint markers were used to decorate. The acrylic paint markers can be used on various surfaces such as ceramics, porcelain, wood, fabris, canvas and metal, so plenty of scope for the Craft Group to explore. Prior to the meeting the the stones and pebbles of various shapes and sizes had been painted with gesso to give the ladies a good base to create their little works of art. 3 of the ladies chose to embellish their artistic works with’googly’ eyes which as you see from the photos worked out extremely well. All in all this was a very successful morning enjoyed by the ladies. During the session tea and coffee with cake and biscuits was served by our tea-boy, Norman. On Monday 20th September, the Craft Group will be starting on the 4 seasons felted wall hangings which will take a couple of weeks as all the work is hand sewing. There will be no Craft Group on Monday 27th due to a church service, but will resume on 4th October when the ladies hopefully will have completed their works of art. Watch this space.
Harvest Thanksgiving On Sunday 26th September we celebrated our Harvest Thanksgivings, the flower displays were superb and much admired. Offerings of tins and dried foods from our congregation will be given to the local food bank. Photos courtesy of Shirley.
West Fife Area Council Mini Gathering On Saturday 23rd October, St Peter’s were privileged to host this event which was well attended and enjoyed by all. After registration and a leisurely cup of coffee or tea, the 45 delegates were welcomed to the gathering by Shirley Mann. The day’s programme consisited of three services of worship with prayers led by David Mackenzie Mills and talks on climate change and on pilgrimage.The morning talk on climate change was delivered by Gerry Dillon followed by a discussion on the points made. After lunch the theme of the talk was on pilgrimage delivered by Karen McClain Kiefer again followed by a discussion. During the afternoon serice of worship, we were witness to a pilgrim on a journey and at the end of the service the congregation were invited to follow the pilgrim and lay a stome on the cross outside of the church. Many thanks to our Diocesan Bishop, Ian Paton, the worship group at St Paul’s, Kinross who put together the liturgies, and everyone who attended and made St Peter’s feel alive again. Thanks also to all who purchased goods from our Craft Group stall.
Presentation to Shona Briers On Sunday 24th October, the Rev Canon Christine presented Shona Briers with a gift and said au revoir as she continues her education at Edinburgh University. Shona first came to St Peter’s as a baby in a carry cot brought by her parents. She has helped with our Music Rota and more recently was a member of our Vestry. All the very best Shona in all you do and your friends in the congregation will look forward to following your progress.
Craft Group Update Felting the seasons was our next project which has taken a few weeks to complete. The ladies have created the different seasons (spring, summer, Autumn and winter) using appropraite colours of felt. Starting off with some basic shapes, layering then to complete a house on a hill surrounded by whatever embellishment they wanted to add whether stitches, buttons, embroidery etc. Some of the ladies decided to frame their projects while others decided to hang them unframed. All in all, the ladies really enjoyed this project and we will more than likely revisit it again for the ladies to complete a full set of the seasons for themselves. With November approaching, poppies were the topic of our next project in which we created imitation stained glass windows. These were made by using thick black card cut out into a poppy design courtesy of Dawn (Marjorie & Norman’s daughter). Dawn made the templates using her super-duper cutting machone. The ladies then finished them off by applying and layerinfg red/green/blue cellophane to complete the window.Every one was delighted with the finished window and we will revisit nearer to Christmas with a Nativity themed design.
Craft Group Final Sessions of 2021 During the last few weeks of the session, a group of the ladies concentrated on our Christmas Pew Ends, while others were completing their felt pictures. For the final couple of weeks the ladies created more imitation stained glass pictures and some kimekomi baubles for the Christmas tree.
Carol Service There was an excellent attendancc at our Annual Carol Service which was held on Sunday 19th December, despite the current COVID restrictions which we all adhered to, including a one-way system. This year we celebrated by singing well known carols and listening to the Christmas story in the words of Luke. The church was beautifully decorated with numerous floral displays, the crib, Christmas tree, knitted angels on the pews for the congregation to take away and for the first time our new Christmas themed pew ends. Our thanks go to all those who did so much behind the scenes to enhance this wonderful occasion.