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News & Events - 2020
Craft Group On Tuesday afternoon (10 th March), we welcomed Jean Hutchison, the Fife Coordinator of Project Linus UK. She gave a history of Project Linus which has been running for 20 years. She listed the charities and some of the individuals who have received a quilt or a blanket. It is not only charities which benefit, she also visits hospitals and maternity units. Project Linus started in the U.S.A. and has spread all over the world and aims to give any child (0 - 16 years) who has suffered trauma, a bereavement, a disability whether mental or physical their own person blanket or quilt. The name Linus comes from the ‘Peanuts’ cartoon, Linus is always seen with his ‘comfort blanket’, and the motto of Project Linus is ‘a hug in a blanket’. The photographs show some of the quilts which have been donated. Jean collected another four quilts and two knitted blankets (see photographs) from our Craft Group and these will be distributed to local Fife charities.
Easter 2020 Due to the coronavirus pandemic throughout the world, Easter is a bit low-key this year. To try to create some normality, Rev Christine has decorated the church with a few floral displays and has hung up the Easter pew-ends. Photos show the displays, the church and Jane Legge’s Easter Garden. At this time thanks must go to Rev Christine for working so hard composing the services, delivering the hard copies and sending them out by e-mail. She also sent out a new hymn for these extraordinary times, with many in isolation, called ‘This Easter Celebration’ which is sung to the tune ‘Aurelia’ which is usually played for ‘The Church’s One Foundation’. Thanks also to Stuart Gray for his Holy Week reflections. Many have found his words to be inspirational and comforting at this time when all the news has been so negative.
Re-opening for Worship On Sunday 4th October, St Peter’s welcomed congregations for worhip after 7 months of closure. Although numbers were restricted, in line with the Scottish Episcopal Church Guidelines, everyone who attended were glad to be back, felt safe and enjoyed the services. On arrival the congregation were warmly greeted not only by the ‘Welcomers’ but by Bubbles AKA the Parish Pooch AKA Mrs Waggy-tail, which added to some kind of normality. There were 2 servioces, one at 9am which followed the liturgy from the Scottish Prayer Book and another at 11am which followed the 1982 Liturgy albeit without any singing of hymns although music was played at appropriate times throughout the service by Eleanor Hubbard, one of our talented pianists. Photographs below were taken at the 11am service.
2021 Calendar For those who do not know Bubbles, she was a withdrawn guidedog and is a great asset to the church. She is well known to the congregation, the housebound church members and is an Honorary Member of the Youth Fellowship. She is recognised for her gentleness and patience, and if you happen to have a dog biscuit in your pocket you will be on her Christmas card list. Bubbles aka Mrs Waggytail aka Deputy Rector Dog is very proud of her calendar where she willingly posed in places she loves to visit.
Advent On Sunday 29th November, the first candle on the Advent wreath was lit to celebrate Advent 1. The first candle symbolises ‘Hope’, which is appropriate at the times in which we are living, as we look forward to the light of the coming season and hope for a return to some kind of normality.
Stuart Gray On Sunday 20th December, we said ‘adieu’ to Stuart who has been with us during the past year. We look forward to seeing him in 2021.