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Mae Ra Mo Presentation

The presentation by Carol and Fiona included slides of the history of Burma, of the chaos caused by the cyclone in May 1988, and of the human misery caused by government persecution. For current news about Burma (now Myanmar) and its people click on Site 1 or Site 2.

Carol, her daughter and Fiona were part of a group from a charity which provides education and other help to the camps. Click on
Burmese Education Partnership to find out more about their work.

Following the presentation there was an opportunity for the audience to engage in more informal discussion with Carol and Fiona over wine and cheese.
The evening raised a total of £283 for St Peter's fund for Mae Ra Mo.

The following pictures show the location of camps and some aspects of life in the camp. Housing is primitive, built of the locally available bamboo, and food is monotonous, consisting largely of rice.

 A newly arrived consignment of food aid.

Clothes are washed in the river.

The children smile happily for the camera.

There is some animal life in the camp.

Classes are held wherever there is a room available, sometimes outdoors.

Below we see the church Carol and Fiona attended on Easter Sunday.

In spite of their privations the people in the camp were eager to share what they had with their visitors, were extremely welcoming and grateful for all the efforts being made on their behalf. Some farewell pictures: