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The charity we support most regularly is the Aberlour Trust. A collection for the trust is taken each year at a Christingle service. Another group we support indirectly is the "Friends of the Mothers' Union Fife Contact Centre". This aims to provide a place where children of divorced or separated couples can meet with the non-resident parent. Committee meetings of this organisation are held in St Peter's.



We particularly support the Karen people of Burma. Many in the UK are unaware of the plight of these people, who are in constant danger from the policy of genocide pursued by the Burmese Government. The Karen are one ethnic group among many in Burma who suffer persecution from a military junta determined to eradicate them. These gentle and peace-loving people are largely Christian, but there are also many Buddhists and Animists. At St Peter's, we hope to raise the profile of this forgotten nation and its desperate need. picture of Burmese group On a visit to Burma in 2004 Carol Latimer visited St Paul's Anglican church in the refugee camp at Mae Ra Mo on the Thai-Burma border. As a result of her visit and her account of it to the congregation, we decided to help the Karen people there in some practical way. So far we have helped by paying the expenses of a student, Anthony Kyew Twiu in a two-year course which he has just completed. We have also provided financial help to St Paul's church and to a hostel which provides refuge for those wishing to leave the camp. It is our intention to continue providing help to these oppressed people. Our support is not only financial; the Karen people ask for our prayers. We are responding by praying regularly for them in our public worship and in personal prayer.

To find out more, click on Site 1 or Site 2. These two websites provide extensive background information about Burma and its people

The book ‘A Land without Evil’ by Benedict Rogers, published by Monarch Books, 2004 is also well worth reading. (ISBN 1-85424-646-1)