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St Peter's Episcopal Church With St Mary & St Leonard, Kinghorn Charity Nos: SCO10443 & SCO09524

Townsend Place, Kirkcaldy, Fife KY1 1HB

Tel: 01592 204208


Finance in the Scottish Episcopal Church

The vast majority of Scottish Episcopal churches are self-supporting. Since we are part of a diocese, we must also contribute approximately 13% of our income to provide for the bishop and all the costs of administering the diocese. One of these costs is the help given to the few churches in the diocese that are struggling financially.

The costs of the rector's stipend, the contribution to the diocese, the maintenance of the church and rectory are met by the congregation of each church.

Direct giving

In St Peter's, Kirkcaldy, each member contributes either by envelope during the Sunday service, or by monthly standing order to the church's account.

Fund raising

The social and fund raising committee arranges different events each year. These include sales of cake, candy and books, a Christmas raffle, a silent auction etc. There is also a "100 Club".

St Peter’s is now registered on the easyfundraising web-site, if you wish to contribute, the instructions are as follows:

1. Open easyfundraising website :

2. Click on 'Create an account' box

3. Click on 'I want to support a good cause' box

4. Enter cause name in box - St Peter's, Kirkcaldy

5. Click on 'Support this cause'

6. Complete form with own personal details.

This should bring in a few pound over the year as there are over 4000 retailers in the scheme.

Hall and room rentals

Donations are received from groups who use the church hall. If anyone is interested in renting office space, we have also two smaller rooms equipped with modern furniture.

Advice about the availability of these facilities can be had from Martine Robertson.

Renting of car park spaces

Donations are received from individuals who use the car park during the week. Each space is labelled "Permit Holder" except for four spaces which are reserved for church members. For information about car park rentals contact Maria Page.


The Millenium Fund

This was set up by Alan Pattinson in the year 2000 and is administered by a small number of trustees. Donations to this fund are placed in a separate account which is intended to grow each year and form a permanent nest egg for St Peter's. Interest on the account may be withdrawn in exceptional circumstances but the capital cannot be touched.